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This teacher was glad to learn about the FightDV.org cause and plans to be part of building our foundation at his school to be as strong as the stones of the Grotto Of Redemption!

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This month's selected state and shelter is - Sojourn Center of Arizona

Some of their services included are - 

  • Provides emergency shelter
  • Offers transitional housing
  • Gives domestic violence education
  • Provides safety planning
  • Assists with lay-legal advocacy
  • Offers case management
  • Has a child development center
  • Operates a 24-hour crisis hotline
  • Utilizes referral services, community education and healthcare through an on-site clinic. 
  • and much more!

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Fighters Against Domestic Violence

Bloomington, Minnesota, United States

If you need help or tips, please call the National domestic violence hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE


In the 1st round, we clearly knocked out domestic violence!

We had TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY Fighters Against Domestic Violence!

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Now onto Round 2!  We hope to see you in the Fight!

there's still room for a fighter like you to break the chains

About Us / Our Vision

FightDV.org is an organization designed to attract more people to get involved in the fight against domestic violence, and to enable them to actively become Fighters Against Domestic Violence.  Our strength is in empowering change by empowering people to get involved!

Our vision is simple - the more people seeing/promoting messages against domestic violence, then the more victims and abusers will think about breaking the chains of domestic violence!

Our goal and motto - "Breaking chains without casting stones" - this motto represents change without focusing on the negative/mistakes that abusers and even some victims have made, and instead just focus on positive change going forward while recognizing the signs that led to the negative mistakes.  We also recognize that every case is different, and unfortunately some cases result in severe tragedy, but with your help, we WILL reduce domestic violence!

What separates our social media from others?

Strength in numbers!

The more fans we have, the more that victims will recognize they have supporters in their corner!

So please like and share this cause!  Thank you! 

~ CEO/Founder,  Jesse Peterson